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Lapmaster Wolters offers a unique and comprehensive scope of high-precision processing machines. We offer Lapping Machines, Polishing Machines, Spherical Lapping Machines, Fine Grinding Machine, Brush Deburring Machine, Creep Feed Grinding, Bore Honing Machine, Double Disc Grinding Machine, Buffing Machines, Metallographic Sample ...Portable grinding and lapping machine with eccentricity for the machining of sealing surfaces/nozzles in safety valves of DN ½″–12″ (15–300 mm). The EFCO TSV utilizes a grinding movement overlaid by an additional eccentric …


The EFCO TSV is a portable grinding and lapping machine with excenter for the machining of sealing faces of safety valves. The machine has two separate drives. This results in a cross-ground and absolutely flat sealing face. Work …manually-controlled portable lapping Power: 1,170 W Portable machine for grinding and lapping of gate valves DN 200…600 mm (8...24") PURPOSE • portable machine is designed for grinding ... surface grinding machine …

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the portable valve grinding machine is designed for fast and accurate repair of valves in pipelines, characterized by its grinding machine and auxiliary parts, the grinding machine is connected to the motor by one end of the drive sleeve, …such as valves sealing and flange seals. This machine grinds the valve core,valve disc, valve seat or flanges to secure. the perfect sealing surface, so as to achieve the purpose of valve sealing. This portable valve grinding machine is suitable for repairing the sealing surfaces of gas, water, and oil valves in industries.

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Portable heavy-duty, lightweight grinding and lapping machine . For "in-situ" operations or repair worksop and for the repair of all type of valves and valve seats. Key features: Standard ranges: diameters from 1 "" to 10, 24, 40, 64″".The valve grinding machine is mainly used to repair the valve, flange seal, and other mating surfaces that require precision sealing. Gate valve grinding machine by grinding the valve spool, valve seat, or flange so that its sealing …

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TDF400 Valve Repair Machine. Toportable Valve repair machines are used for performing tasks such as valve seat repair, machining, and precision finishing of sealing faces as well as valve grinding and lapping operations. The portable valve repair machine covers all types of valve including gate, parallel slide, check, globe, and safety valves.Portable valve grinding and lapping machines for conical seats (VSK / LS) Portable machines with special tools for the grinding of conical sealing faces in high-pressure, shut-off and control valves. Fast and simple centring of the …

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DN80-250mm 3"-10" MJ250 Portable Relief Valve Grinding Machine Portable Valve Grinding and Lapping. 1 Unit (MOQ)Portable Valve Grinding Machines The Larslap range of portable industrial valve grinders offered by Kemet are a patented design concept that are a proven solution for on-site valve reconditioning. Repairing leaking valves in industrial …

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Check valves. Working range: DN 8 – 1600 mm (¼" - 64') uni grind 's ideal solution for working on sealing surfaces in shut-off valves, check valves, control valves and safety relief valves both on-site and in-shop. Robust, low maintenance, inexpensive and easy handling. Hand guided grinding machines up to working range DN 200 mm (8").Mrz-06 / VM1150-1200 Gate Valve Grinding & Lapping Machine Brochure.doc Page 1 of 9 Climax Gate Valve Grinding & Lapping Machines Model Numbers VM1150, VM1200 Portable Cnc Turning Machines For Sealing Faces, Stationary …

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PORTABLE GRINDING & LAPPING MACHINES unigrindKVS 369/150K grinding machine with 3-jaw-chuck unigrind KVS 369/300K grinding machine with 3-jaw-chuck For the big sizes DN 6"–12" and the very deep valves we recommend to use the machine arm with upper gear housing and internal spring loaded grinding spindle.Portable heavy-duty, lightweight grinding and lapping machine . For "in-situ" operations or repair worksop and for the repair of all type of valves and valve seats. Key features: Standard ranges: diameters from 1 ¼"" to 10, 24, 40, …

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VALVE GRINDING & LAPPING MACHINE VM2000 SERIES 0.4 - 24 INCHES (10 - 600 MM) QUICK AND EASY SETUP Quickly change over between electric and pneumatic by simply loosening a ... CLIMAX Portable Machining Welding ystems Web site: climaxportable Worldwide Phone: +.53.538.285 N. America Toll-Free: .8.333.83 Fax: +.53.538.76 E-mail: …Home » Products » Grinding & Lapping Equipment » Portable Grinding & Lapping Equipment » VSA SERIES. High-speed precision grinding machines for the machining of a build-up weld, sealing surfaces, conical surfaces and …

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Portable, battery driven grinding and lapping machine. Portable, battery driven grinding and lapping machine for Globe- and Safety valves. The Polir F6 machine is designed for on-site or in-shop valve reconditioning. The light weight machine is equipped for a full, universal range up to 6" / DN150 mm. The Polir F6 is standard. get priceGrinding Ru. When grinding cylindrical metal composite structures, the scheme of cylindrical external grinding with radial infeed is basically used, as described in 13, 14fig.1. in terms of thermal physics, such a configuration lends itself naturally to a twodimensional calculation scheme in circular coordinates fig. 2. See Details >

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The Ventil POLIR F6 is a portable, battery driven grinding and lapping machine for Globe and Safety valves in the range 3/8 – 6″. The handy machine is delivered ready for use, ... Portable grinding and lapping machines for …VALVE GRINDING & LAPPING MACHINES – VM2000 SERIES A series of nine rugged yet compact configurations designed for fast, precise grinding and lapping of globe valves with flat or conical seats. All models offer …

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