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S158-20 KIT Complete sand equivalent test set - EN ( Soil ) EN 933-8 NF XP18-598 CNR N. 27 UNI 8520-15 UNE 83131 ASSESSMENT OF FINE AGGREGATES The set comprises: S158-03N Plexiglass measuring cylinder …The Sand Equivalent Test Method. As a standard test method described in ASTM D2419 and AASHTO T 176, the sand equivalent test is now widely used to measure the relative proportions of undesirable fines in aggregates and …

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238 MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION Sand-Equivalent Test for Control of Materials During Construction F. N. HvEEM, Materials and Research Engineer California Division of Highways THE sand-equivalent test to control the quality of aggregates for bituminous mix and untreated bases is being proposed for inclusion in the revised Standard Specifications of the California …Sand Equivalent Test. Gilson's sand equivalent test equipment includes the components necessary for running the sand equivalent test. The test procedure indicates the relative proportions of undesirable clay-like fines in granular soils and fine aggregates. It is used in conjunction with the Durability Index Test which measures the resistance ...

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Quality Motorized Sand Equivalent Shaker Sand Equivalent Test Set - find quality Other instruments, Testing Equipment & Other instruments from Cangzhou Lovely Technology Co., Ltd. of China Suppliers - 170981397.Inspection Equipment Required: 1. Fork-type support for guide cap. 2. Balance, capacity 5 kg, readable to 0.1 g. Tolerance: Equipment shall meet the dimension and weight tolerances specified in the test method. Procedure: 1. Support guide cap above balance to prevent contact between guide cap and rod. 2.

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Sand Equivalent Test Apparatus: a graduated plastic cylinder, rubber stopper, irrigator tube, weighted foot assembly, and siphon assembly, all conforming to the specifications and dimensions shown in Figure 1. A glass or plastic container with cover, having a minimum capacity of 1 gal, and fitted with the ...The purpose of the sand equivalent value test is to ascertain the percentage of unwanted particles in the aggregate fraction utilized in the manufacturing of concrete mixtures of Portland cement. The method is also suitable for ascertaining the related amount of harmful clay like materials of fine dust in the soil.

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when the sand equivalent value is used to determine compliance with a specification giving a minimum acceptable test value. If the resulting test value is lower than that specified, however, it will be necessary to rerun the test on a dried test specimen. If the sand equivalent, determined from a test on one dried test specimen, is belowDetailed specification as follows: Supplied without Mechanical Shaker which is available at extra cost. **Compliance Standards** IS : 2720 (Part‑37)) **Details** Consists of the following parts and accessories : * 4 Nos. Transparent Acrylic Plastic Cylinders with square base cylinders, Graduated from base 380mm in 1 mm divisions. * 2 Nos ...

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S160N Motorized sand equivalent shaker. The unit provides a constant uniform shaking with automatic cycle test. Oscillating excursion is 203 mm at 175...180 adjustable strokes/min. rate. Complete with digital timer which automatically …SAND EQUIVALENT TEST TXDOT DESIGNATION: TEX-203-F MATERIALS AND TESTS DIVISION 5 – 6 EFFECTIVE DATE: AUGUST 2020 4.2.21 After the 20-min. sedimentation period, read the level of the top of the clay suspension and record as the clay reading. 4.2.22 If there is no clear line of demarcation or clay meniscus at the end of the 20-min.

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The Humboldt sand equivalent test set includes all items required to perform a sand equivalent test except for a shaker. Be sure to choose a shaker from those offered on this page. Individual items below can be ordered separately. Specifications Set includes the following items: (4) Measuring Cylinder, Plastic — H-4340.1Quality Sand Equivalent Test Equipment - find quality Other instruments, Testing Equipment & Other instruments from Cangzhou Lovely Technology Co., Ltd. of China Suppliers - 170981079. ... Specification. Product. Sand Equivalent Test Equipment. Model. SDE-2. Voltage. 220V±10% 50Hz. Power. 90W.

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Model: SEA-103. Price: $47.50. Description. Specifications. Questions? Stock Solution used for performing the Sand Equivalent Test. It is a concentrated calcium chloride solution that is diluted with distilled water to create the working solution for conducting Sand Equivalent Tests. To create the working solution, mix 85ml of solution for ...Minimum specified sand equivalent values for fine aggregate in HMA range from 26 to 60 with the most common being 45. The requirement is also dependent upon the type of HMA layer (e.g., base course or surface course ). Issues with …

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Sand Equivalent Test Set. Supports the following standards: ASTM D2419, AASHTO T176. Sand equivalent tests serve as rapid field-correlation tests to show relative proportions of clay-like or plastic fines and dusts in granular soils and fine aggregates. The test separates sand and clay, a comparative reading is determined between the suspended ...The equipment meets specifications for the following tests: ASTM D2419 AASHTO T176 California Test Method 217 General Information Your Sand Equivalent Shaker was thoroughly inspected before it was shipped and should be ready to operate as soon as you have completed the set-up procedure. Notify Humboldt Mfg. Co. or your local agent and file a ...


Sand Equivalent Test Sets are used to indicate the relative proportions of clay-like fines in granular soils and fine aggregates. Gilson sets include everything required in ASTM and AASHTO test methods to conduct the test except the shaker. Both Sand Equivalent Sets include four Clear Plastic Graduated Cylinders, a Siphon Assembly, Irrigator Tube, Weighted Foot …Soil testing equipment; Concrete testing equipment; Cement testing equipment; ... 4 Sand Equivalent Cylinders. Further Information ... Specification. Stock Solution: Mixture of calcium chloride and glycerin. ASTM …

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The two sets are identical except for the four measuring cylinders which are totally graduated in the ASTM/AASHTO version and for the weighted foot which is slightly different. For a reliable test result we recommend the use of a mechanical shaker. See # sand-equivalent-shakers #. Case dimension: 500x400x130 mm. Total weight approx.: 7 kg.THEsand-equivalent test to control the quality of aggregates for bituminous mix and untreated bases is being proposed for inclusion in the revisedStandard Specifications of the California Division of Highways and is currently appearing in the special pro­ visions for many contracts.

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Equivalent Test. II. Apparatus . A. Sand Equivalent Test Equipment – graduated plastic cylinder, rubber stopper, irrigator tube, weighted foot assembly, and siphon assembly, with mechanical shaker, all conforming to specifications, dimensions, and setup as designated in AASHTO T 176. B. Holding cans – four 6-oz. No. 2 cans.Equipment and Materials The Sand Equivalent test kit consists of the following: Graduated plastic cylinder Rubber stopper Irrigation tube Weighted foot assembly and a siphon assembly 78-liter (1 gallon) bottle Four …

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This sand equivalent test instrument is designed and made as per T 0334 Sand Equivalent Test for Fine Aggregate in JTJ 058-2000 Specification and Test Methods of Aggregate for Highway Engineering. It is used to determine the cohesive soil content or impurity content in fine aggregates. The sand equivalent is expressed by SE.sand equivalent test set astm en, supplied with 4 pcs. transparent two graduated acrylic plastic measuring cylinders, 2 pcs. solid rubber stopper, syphon …

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