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Research results of the air pollutant emissions from the graphitisation process of fine products in the Acheson electric resistance furnace (discharge capacity 5,5 Mg) were presented in the paper.A series of problems such as blending with electrical resistance/insulation materials. The large-scale graphitization furnace is different from other high-temperature graphitization furnaces of the company. It is a type of medium-frequency heating and is widely used in high-temperature processing of various carbon materials in large quantities.

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Kastner Furnace (Lengthwise Graphitization Furnace) It is a kind of resistance furnace that directly connects the electric current into the baked products in series, uses the resistance of the product itself to convert the electric energy into heat energy, and graphitizes the products. It was first invented and patented by Castner in 1896.In 1890, H. Moissan started to use electric furnace to make steel in France. In 1896, in America, E. G. Acheson invented artificial graphite resistance furnace system method and established the first artificial graphite manufacturing company in 1900, which began the industrial production of artificial graphite. At that time, the production of electrode mainly used […]

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Characteristics of an electric resistance furnace load Abstract: IN 1899 Dr. E. G. Acheson discovered that if he overheated silicon carbide, the silicon was volatilized out and pure carbon or graphite remained. Later tests showed that graphite could be manufactured by heating petroleum coke to a high temperature [2,600 C (degrees centigrade ...On Friday, January 24, 1902, a trademark application was filed for ACHESON GRAPHITE ELECTRIC FURNACE with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The USPTO has given the ACHESON GRAPHITE ELECTRIC FURNACE trademark a serial number of 70028090. The federal status of this trademark filing is EXPIRED as of Monday, December …

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Iran Graphitized petroleum coke is made by heating petroleum coke at a temperature of 2500°C to 3000°C in an Acheson furnace. It is used in the manufacturing of high quality steel & foundry products. What are the types of graphitization furnaces?:::Iran Colombia In 1897, E.G. Acheson of Carborundum Co. produced the first batch of artificial […]Acheson Graphite Electric Furnace was registered on Tuesday, March 4, 1902 and is currently owned by Int'l Acheson Graphite Company under the registration number 37907 . This mark is dead with a status of Expired. The last case file activity for this mark occured 29 years ago on Monday, December 7, 1992, according to the United State Patent & Trademark Office


the graphitization technology comprises the steps that a furnace base is paved with quartz sand and carbon in sequence, the upper portion of the carbon black …Silicon carbide (SiC) is a synthetic mineral most commonly produced in electrical resistance furnaces, by the Acheson process, named after the American E.G. Acheson who invented it in 1891. In an Acheson furnace, a mixture of carbon material (usually petroleum coke) and a silica or quartz sand is reacted chemically at high temperatures in the ...

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1 Existing problems and analysis. The ideal shutdown control method of the Acheson graphitization furnace should be determined according to the furnace core temperature. Get the high quality (UHP) graphite electrodes. However, due to the non-uniformity of the graphitization furnace core temperature, the high temperature is not easy to control ...At present, Acheson furnaces are generally used in the artificial graphite industry. This kind of furnace is simple in structure, sturdy and durable, and easy to maintain. It has always been the most used graphitization equipment in the carbon industry. Acheson graphitization furnace is classified as a direct heating furnace according to the ...

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An Electric Furnace specially adopted for P. C. E. Test has been made using Acheson Electrode Graphite as the heating element. Uniform heating zone, good regulation of the rate of heating and a fairly oxidizing atmosphere were obtained. The furnace operates on 20–28 Volts and 100–300 Amps.Acheson furnace was invented in 1895 and first patented in the United States. Its prototype is: in the long furnace constructed of refractory, UHP graphite electrode with best performance in steelmaking. carbon blank and granular material are filled to form a conductive furnace core, and heat insulation materials are around the furnace core.

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Belonging to the field of graphite material manufacturing, the invention in particular relates to a fine grain structure graphite product Acheson furnace graphitization method. The graphitization method includes: furnace preparation, furnace bottom paving, furnace core enclosing, bottom cushion putting, product loading, resistance material filling, top cushion covering, reaction …in order to secure a constant, tight electrical contact for a low-contact resistance. The insulation against oxidation and high heat losses is the same as for Acheson furnaces. This graphitising method has the advantage of shorter heating periods, less power consumption and smaller furnace dimensions. Comparison with Archeson furnace

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The impregnation seals the porosity. [Pg.625] Acheson Furnace. An enclosed electric resistance furnace, of the type first used by Acheson in 1891 to make silicon carbides from carbon and sand, which can attain temperatures of 2500 °C. Acicular. see morphology.SST 3150 High Vacuum Furnace The SST 3150 is a high vacuum furnace that provides advanced packaging capabilities in vacuum levels as low as 10-7 Torr, and temperatures up to 500 C (1000 C optional). The clean-room compatible system may also be configured to allow for in situ separation of lid and package, getter firing and sealing of MEMS packages.

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US935937A - Electric furnace- Google Patents Electric furnace. Download PDF Info Publication number ... Application filed by INTERNAT ACHESON GRAPHITE Co filed Critical INTERNAT ACHESON GRAPHITE Co Priority to US50235409A priority Critical patent/US935937A/enAcheson furnace is made of graphite blank and resistance material core, when the current through the core, the core temperature will reach 2500-3000 degrees to make the graphite blank ...

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The Trade-Mark As Generally Employed By Said Corporation And As Shown In The Accompanying Drawing Consists In The Representation Of An Electric Arc Inclosed In Concentric Circles,with The Words "Acheson," "Graphite," "Trade,"And "Mark "Arranged Between The Circles And The Wods "Electric Furance" Upon The Two Electrodes Of The …1) Graphitization furnaces, according to heating methods, can be divided into direct heating and indirect heating furnaces. Direct heating means that the electric current directly generates high temperature through the graphitized carbon billet, and it is a resistance furnace type that uses the carbon billet as a resistance.

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The invention relates to a method for production of graphite electrode with Acheson graphitization furnace, comprising the steps of using wasted electrode carbon block of steel factory or aluminum factory as raw material and producing graphite material with excellent performance index through charging furnace, electric heating, cooling, out of furnace and …filed in january 24 (1902), the acheson graphite electric furnace covers graphite and carbon and graphitic and carbonaceous products manufactured by said corporation ACHESON GRAPHITE ELECTRIC FURNACE Trademark - Registration Number 0037907 - Serial Number 70028090 :: Justia Trademarks

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Acheson Graphite Electric Resistance Furnace. in 1896, in america, e. g. acheson invented artificial graphite resistance furnace system method and established the first artificial graphite manufacturing,edward goodrich acheson,edward goodrich acheson (march 9, 1856 july 6, 1931) was an american chemist. born in washington, pennsylvania, he was ...After discovering this process, Acheson developed an efficient electric furnace based on resistive heating, the design of which is the basis of most silicon carbide manufacturing today. [6] Commercial Production [ edit] Diagram of a resistive Acheson furnace for producing electrode rods formed from powdered coke mixed with silica clay:

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