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The Project By: Josh Cruz, John Landingin, Mark Payne, Denton Baxter, Skylar Stoodley, Jacob MacNeil Step 1: Problem Identification Our company, the CCC Engineering and Consulting, have …Automatic consists of five different parts in which the main part for crushing is motor. Motor of should be powerful enough to crush the can. The Motor used in this project is taken from car. …

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Just a short video to show that the project is still on going and starting to turn in to a monster.8. BACKGROUND The employs a slider-crank as its a sliding mechanism. This allows the crusher to exert a larger amount of mechanical leverage to the can. The motor drivers the crank-arm which then slides the piston forward via a connecting linkages. After the piston has crushed the can, the discharge door expel the crushed can into ...

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This mechanical project is to fabricate a simple which can be operated manually by a single person. Given below is a video I found from youtube on Manual . It is called a multi- as cans can be fed continuously into the machine. The operation of this machine is very simple.The 3 outputs are the , technical report, and PowerPoint presentation. The will be composed of the lever, body, and aluminum can bin. The technical report will take us through the 12-step design process and it will contain our final CAD drawings. The PowerPoint presentation will be a complete overview of our whole project ...

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Project Description - Team . Team Crusher consists of Daniella Steele and Kyle Toth. Team crusher has set out to design, build, and operate a machine that can crush regular pop cans. Along with the main components of …The unit can crush 250 aluminum cans in just over 2 minutes, which is impressive. The crusher is made from metal and has got a basket on the top that can store up to 500 empty cans, compering other automatic s with can baskets that will hold maybe 10 cans, this unit is a beast. The hydraulic ram gets powered by a hydraulic power unit ...

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Click Below to Get this Project with Synopsis, Report, Video Tutorials & Other details :- The aim of our project is to design and fabricate a screw operated bottle crusher. With this device a bottle crushing can be performed. In the conventional methods the waste bottles were thrown out which were used illegally by the local users and refill bottles with the water and they again sells it in market.

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Simple Sketching of Crusher machine 6. Basic Principle Based on slide crank mechanism Rotary motion is converted into linear motion Consists of Connecting rod and piston (ram) This allows the ram to crush the can … Project. AGENDA. Group development Research and generating ideas Developing our design Designing our prototype Building our prototype Design revisions Lessons learned. Slideshow 2343665 by meara. …

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portions of the crusher was what made us scrap the project along with no involvement of the robot claw. The second sketch (Sketch B) developed set the precedent for the final product as it was the first to involve placing the over the conveyer belt so as to eject the final crushed can onto the conveyer belt.The is a fantastic piece of machinery that utilizes the brute force of a stand-alone motor to allow can crushing to be more efficient and promote recycling. The invention is organized around a wood frame equipped on each side with large and small metal sheets. ... This would be a great project for a youth group or church gathering ...

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Hand Operated mechanical project Raw material used in : 1. 4 pieces of Angle arm two of 30 inch. and two of 10 inch For the base, made up of cast iron 2. Cylinder or sleeve made up of steel 3. …Rinse the inside of the cans. 2. Fill the bowl with water. Add ice. 3. Add about a tablespoon of water to the can. 4. Place the can on the stovetop or hot plate until the water inside boils. You can hear the bubbling water and see the steam rising from the can.

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Thus, with the help of above project we can develop a manual to reduce the size of as well as the human fatigue. Future Scope. The scope of manual is as follows: 1. The lever connecting to the Wooden RAM could be replaced with an aluminum bar which is connected to a wheel which is further attached to the ...A is a pneumatic device which is used for squashing food and beverage cans to save space for recycling. The disposal of the used cans can pose a problem because the empty cans occupy space. Also the transport of empty cans become difcult. There is a need to crush these cans. So that they occupy smaller space for storage & transport.

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engineering. To design the mechanical part of a tin and to fabricate the mechanical part of the system is the step to learn mechanical engineering. 1.1 Project Synopsis In this project, development of a recycle bin tin so the tin can might crush as flat and look as symmetrically as possible and inserted the bin. Project. By: Kartikey Desai, Courtney Jones, Sarah Kasi, and Jon Ko. Agenda. Group Developments Timeline Problem Statement Background Costumer Scope Deliverables Brainstorming Research & Generate Ideas Criteria Constraints Explore Possibilities Selecting an Approach...

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ORIGIN OF • A is an instrument used for crushing soda cans. • This is done to make storage easier. • This provides more space …The can-crusher project was inspired by spiral learning theory and provides opportunities for students to practice engineering skill sets, including CAD, programming, machining and working with ...

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This pneumatic was built from our PDF download (link below) by Bjorn from Norway. It is a very popular simple design that has been built by many. Bjorn loved the design and even painted it in Denver …Therefore, using in such places proves to be advantageous. 1.2 Objective: The main objectives of the project are- i) To fabricate a simple and easy to use machine involving low cost of construction and easily movable from one place to another. ii) To reduce the volume of the cans at least 70%. 1.3 Working:

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This experiment is the perfect way to demonstrate the wonders of pressure and condensation. All you need is the power of air and water to produce the amazing end result: a crushed soda can! ... In this project, you'll create Oersted's experiment, which relates to how electric currents create magnetic fields. Middle school ...Dec 19, 2018 - Explore Mike Steere's board "", followed by 168 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about , wood projects, woodworking projects.

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