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Medium sized 4" gold dredge (Model # 4505PH) Modern dredges are provided with a Single or "multi stage" recovery systems, such as a the new 3 stage sluice. The multi stage sluice boxes are preferred, because they have a greater capacity to recover a finer grade of gold and black sand concentrates that often hold values.16" x 6 foot sluice box: $165 (DEEP 5 inch side) (SOLD OUT) 18" x 46" sluice box: $120 (DEEP 4 inch side) .065 thick aluminum. (SOLD OUT) If you need multiple sluices to link together, we can taper them so that each one has a bigger fitting on the outside of the first one, expanding out 3/16" width with every section.

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Sluice complex with water filled reservoir and passing cargo ship, the Netherlands Dam and sluice gate of Amarópolis. Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, August 18, 2006.The sluice should slope 4 to 18 inches per 12 feet, usually 1-1/8 to 1 -¾ inches per foot, depending on the amount of available water, the size of material processing, and the size of the gold particles. The riffles in a sluice retard material flowing in the water, which forms the sand bed that traps heavy particles and creates turbulence.

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Manufacturer: Custom Built Placer Gold Mining Sluce boxes located near Helena MontanaTop box is 2.5 feet wide, 12 feet long, 4 feet of slick plate and 1" angle iron riffle s.Bottom box is 5 feet wide, 24 feet long with 4 feet of slick plate...Keene Folding Sluice Box: model a52f. This super lightweight, aluminum folding sluice box incorporates the latest technology in rubber riffles. Keene has taken the best parts of their previous folding plastic sluice and introduced their highly successful rubber riffle design. This unique design works fantastic in both fast and slow water ...

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The latest technological design is the new 3 stage sluice box. The new box works similar to the double or triple sluice, classifying the fine material into separate compartments or sluices for processing. ... It provides quick identification of values in the primary recovery riffle section. The top edges of the sluice box are rolled for Greater ...sluice.This 33" long and 6.5" wide mini sluice offers unsurpassed portability, while maintaining the same utility of our larger sluices. Lined with a custom made, double ribbed carpet covered by layer of expanded zinc platted steel. Equipped with a 17" long riffle board with multiple riffle designs to accommodate

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Hoy hacemos sluice box casera mas o menos jeje la goma de multi rifle Húngaro la hemos comprado y hacemos la sluice box a su medida espero que os sirva de ay...ASR Outdoor Multi Riffle Sluice Box for Gold Panning, 32 inch. ... The molded riffle collection trap design helps you effortlessly collect more flakes and nuggets. And the 13.7-inch flared opening is designed to increase the volume of water entering the riffled sediment channel. Also, it can be adjusted up and down 10 degrees through the wing ...

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The design has 3 pipes across the fluid bed. Each pipe has two rows of holes. The outside diameter of the tubues is 3/4" The hidraulic riffles need 5 GPM of water and 3-6 psi. The sluice will run about 2 cu/yds/hr of gravel mixed with 100 GPM of water over the fluid bed. But what is the optimal diameter and number of the holes?riffles. Unfortunately this type of dual-mode sluice is a compromise that saces recovery efficiency somewhat but it saves most of us from having to carry two different boxes, or multi-level boxes into the field. For fine gold recovery the use of riffles can actually be a negative design element and

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How to Run a Stream Sluice – Best Riffle and Matting Designs; ... Again, the design is VERY active but the slurry in the sluice looks very calm. This is also true with the new MotherLode mat. ... The Story Behind the Multi Sluice. Next. Catching Fine Placer Gold – Part 2.The sluice should slope 4 to 18 inches per 12 feet, usually 1-1/8 to 1-3/4 inches per foot, depending on the amount of available water, the size of material processed, and the size of gold particles. The riffles in a sluice retard material flowing in the water, which forms the sand bed that traps heavy particles and creates turbulence. Get Price.

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Step 9: Using the Recirculating Sluice in the Field. The first photo below shows the recirculating sluice is set up on the banks of one of my favorite gold panning streams in Arizona. It is on top of the big red tub I actually designed it to work with. The little blue tub was just for testing.The reason that riffles work is two fold. First, there is an eddy created behind each riffle, causing a temporary lull in the water flow. The material that is flowing is in a liquid state. This causes the heavies to be at the very bottom of the flow. As the flow passes over a riffle, the heavies will fall to the bottom behind a riffle.

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Sluice Valve/ Gate Valve. Sluice valve mainly used in water application in general all industrial units as well as in city water distributing lines. It mainly comes with rising spindle & non-rising spindle design. Seating will be metallic in SS, CS, Gun Metal as per customer to customer needs. Design Feature:Minelab Pro-Gold Premium Panning Kit. $49.99. The pros use this all-inclusive panning kit with 15" Dual Riffle Pan, 10" single riffle pan, Hex-Mesh classifier and a …

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The Hi-Low sluice matting is the newest sluice mat on the market. It's alternating size rubber riffles makes it great for catching your gold, and the resistance of the rubber helps retain the ultra fines and larger gold, keeping it safe. The rubber design also helps eliminate over packing behind the riffles, allowing you to run longer with less ...Slope of a sluice is generally in the range of 1.3 cm (1/2 in.) to 3.8 cm (1-1/2 in.) per 30.5 cm (1 ft), depending on the size rock in the feed. To move the larger rocks down the sluice requires a steeper slope or more water, both of which cause greater gold losses. Any number of types of collectors can.

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Design ideas and inspiration ... Sluice Box Blank 36" Long x 8" Wide x 4" Sides Heavy Gauge 1/8" .125 Aluminum Capped Ad by SeeSafe Ad from shop SeeSafe SeeSafe From shop SeeSafe. 4.5 out of 5 stars (41 ... ASR Outdoor Multi Riffle Sluice Box for Gold Panning, 32 inchProduct Details. Process more material in less time than you can with a gold pan. The 12" x 36" SluiceMaster Expedition Sluice Box features the renowned Angus MacKirk ramp riffle design. It's built of lightweight yet rugged ABS plastic with no carpet, expanded metal, miner's moss, or ribbed mats. That means cleaning and recovery are fast and easy.

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The principal behind the sluice box is the same no matter what design is used. Water carries gold laden gravels down the box and gravity ultimately separates the gold from the lighter rock and sand. In theory, it sounds simple, in practice, there is a little more to it. Most sluice boxes use riffles or obstructions blocking free flow of gravel ...Drop riffle Sluice 9,674 views May 26, 2010 3 Dislike Share Save AstroBouncer 6.02K subscribers Testing a new Drop Riffle Sluice design I made on a creek near my house. I used some...

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A longer sluice recovers more gold but a shorter. one is more portable. On larger sluices, the side rails should be made taller to handle more. water flow and more material. Each riffle is comprised of several saw kerfs placed closely. together. The total number of riffles is left up to the maker. The last riffle is the largest and. serves as a ...The sluice box is provided with a 20 foot long combination sluice, for both gold and diamonds. The diamond portion of the sluice is simple but has a very effective diamond riffle design that has been perfected over 30 years of building for the diamond field dredges in Africa. The gold sluice incorporates our world famous 3 stage sluice design.

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